Become a Dumb Stupid Cosplayer (Who Will Never Be Popular)

I have a cgi form for this, but I can't get it to work right now. Hopefullly I'll have it up within the week, but I've got a lot to do, so no guarentees. For now, just send the following information to and I'll add you the clique (you can just copy and paste it into the e-mail and fill it out). Please make the subjet heading "Join Clique" or "Dumb Cosplayer" or something obvious so it won't get deleted with my spam mail.

Name You Want to Use for the Clique:
Cosplay Page URL:
Cosplay Page Title:
Your E-mail:
URLs of Pictures for the Gallery:
Comments, Suggestions, Etc.:

I'll update the clique regularly (updates should be easy and fast). As long as the HTML Code is on your page correctly somewhere I can find it (either the main, links, webrings pages), I'll add you in the next update. If there is a problem, I will contact *you* so if you don't hear from me and don't get added, assume I didn't get your submission and resend it. Please read the Gallery FAQ before submitting pictures.