Gallery FAQ


Gallery's Purpose:

The gallery here at DSC isn't meant to showcase costume pictures. It's meant to showcase ridiculous, funny, amusing, or goofy cosplay pictures. You don't have to look bad in the picture. (That would just be dumb.) I'm not looking for picutres that are pretty, elegant, or cheerful. This gallery is for silly style pictures.

Examples: pictures of you dressed as Keitaro, kissing the life-sized cut out of Naru; pictures of you dressed in a costume, and then doing something totally out of character. Goofy pictures also include (but are not limited to): extremely funny poses, general goofing around in costume, holding a funny sign in relation to your costume, etc. etc.

Rules for Submiting:

1. To submit to the gallery, you must be a member.

2. No more than 2 pictures per cosplayer per costume. No more than 5 per cosplayer total. I don't have tons of space to host photos.

3. You can only submit pictures of yourself. You may not submit for other cosplayers.

How To:

To submit a picture, you can e-mail me the URL of where the picture is hosted. I will NOT direct link. I will save the picture, make a thumbnail, and then upload both to my own webspace. Please send photos to