Winterfest 2001
Pictures & Report by Vic, President

Our Table, with our beautiful banner. It has pictures from Card
Captor Sakura, The Slayers,
and Angel Sanctuary.

I don't eat chili. So you may be wondering why, as a non-chili eater, my club entered the Chili Cook-off at Winterfest 2001 at Lake Tahoe Community College. I wondered the same thing. It turns out, we didn't do it to win. We did to promote the Hell out of T.A.M.A, since most people are unaware of our existence. How did we do this? With a big banner, some flyers, and lots of talking. Kate was really good at this.

As for the results, we took 4th place! (Some of us contest that we were Al Gored--that we didn't really lose by that much--but it was all for fun.. right?) Out of the 8 or 9 clubs that were there, I think that's pretty good. And anyhow, lots of people loved our chili and were interested in our club. They took our flyers. They could be visiting this very website RIGHT NOW.

Both our flyers were the same, save for the pictures. You can download them: CCS & Kenshin / EVA & AS

And now for the pictures:
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Also, Naomi-sensei took some very cute group shots. She's going to send them to me as soon as her computer starts working again. I'll added those when I can.