6 I believe I've seen about 4 full episodes and a few in partial. The idea of a sword being inside of the Rose Bride seems a little sketchy to me. The main plotline is easy to grasp but the deeper info is a lot more shadowed to me. The fight scenes are really cool and the characters all seem to play a pretty good role in the storyline. It's got depth, good artwork and the occasional well-placed comedy.
8 I have seen seven episodes of Revolutionary Girl Utena so far. It is definately a "keeper" anime. I absolutely love it. The music is incredible, especially the score.
7 Very great! The music is godly, the characters are so cool (who wouldn't want to have Utena's guts?), and there's something strange developing. I've only seen the first DVD so far, but I'm hooked. I can tell it's only going to get better. Also, I'm an avid ChuChu fan! The sword scenes are cool and I love the idea of revolution (in all forms). The roses are cool, but those rose borders bug me a little.