Club Rules for TAMA

1. Respect the tastes, likes, dislikes, and opinions of fellow members. Anime and manga are very diverse. They come in all genres and styles and no one can be expected to like all of them. Just because someone doesn't love Ayashi no Ceres doesn't mean they're any less of an anime fan. Just because some prefers not to read the Ranma manga doesn't mean they can't enjoy Magic Knight Rayearth.

2. This club is not a war zone for the "Dubs vs. Subs" Battle. Some people hate subtitled anime. Other people loathe English dubbed anime. Others couldn't care either way. We are not going to fight about which is more valid. The club officers will choose what to watch based on popular opinion, club surveys, votes, and what's available to us. Due to the extensive collection of DVDs we have, it's possible to watch most anime in either form. Since this club does like to emphasize Japanese culture, however, odds are we will watch subtitled editions whenever possible.

3. During anime screenings, please respect your fellow club members and be quiet. "MSTing" (making commentary about what's being shown) is not appropriate. If you don't like it, you are welcome to leave the room and return when that show is over. Please don't heckle the screen or make rude comments about a series that you don't like. We will show some of EVERYTHING to be fair (including stuff I greatly dislike). You wouldn't want someone babbling during your favorite show, would you?

4. Do not make fun of someone for asking a question. A lot of people do not know things about Japanese culture, especially when they're new to anime. If someone asks why they put "san" and "chan" at the end of names, it's not a chance for you to roll your eyes like that person is a moron. You didn't always know those things either. Please be kind to people who ask questions.

5. If you have feel your interests are being ignored, please see an officer. I.E., despite the request, we have yet to show Kodomo no Omocha even though you know we have it and you feel offended by it. Please discuss it with an officer, preferably the president. We have not have had a chance to squeeze it in or plan to show it soon. Complaining about it doesn't help unless an officer knows there's a problem at all. ^_^

6. Remember this is a fun HOBBY, not a contest. Watching anime is not a game where the winner is the one who's seen the most. Since I've loved anime for years, it's inevitable that I'll have seen more than someone just starting out. Don't try to make it a competition. If you just started watching, you won't "catch up" to older fans, EVER. That doesn't make you less of a fan. Remember, we're not here to talk about who's seen more (I know some club member will have seen much more than me). It's for fun and enjoyment. Please don't try to make it otherwise. Once you take the fun out of a hobby, it just gets stupid.

7. Under 18 Members Must Have Waivers! Unfortunately, anime is kind of controversial. If you're under 18 and don't live on your own, you must have parental permission to watch anything that's not rated "13 and Up". Which means all you'll see is Rayearth, Card Captor Sakura, and such series.