These are all making fun of all of us--members of the club and people I know who watch anime. They're meant to be for fun, so please keep that in mind. It's only a joke, not meant to offend anyone. And to be fair, I've appropriately insulted myself.

Remember, "watch" refers to watching anime.

Ideal Otaku: I watch, therefore I am.

Vic: I watch and research, therefore I know it all.

Danny: I watch and justify crossdressing.

Kate: I watch and watch and watch and watch....

Bambie: I watch, therefore I love it.

Liz: I watch, therefore I should get to be the star.

Ross: I slept through it.

Jordan: I watch, therefore I build webpages.

Alex: I watch, I laugh; it's all in fun.

Jesse: It was dumb.

Andrew: I watched it while playing Everquest.

Richie: puu, puu...

Casey: I watch, therefore I believe.

Cody: I watched it and it was fucked up.

Bussey: When do we get to see naked chicks?