New Member Survey for TAMA

Name: ______________________________________________________ Date: ___________
Age (if under 18): ___________________

Did you watch anime before you joined? ___________ If so, for how long have you been watching? __________________________________________________________________________________

Please list some of your favorite titles:




Do you read manga? _____________ If so, please list some of your favorite manga titles:




Are you interested in learning about Japanese culture? _______________________

Do you like (or would you like to try) Japanese cuisine? ______________________

Are you interested in learning the Japanese language? _______________________

What are some things you'd like to do in this club?



Do you have anime collections you would lend to the club for anime nights? _______

Do you cosplay (make and wear costumes from anime/manga)? ________________ Are you interested in joining our cosplay club (separate from TAMA and unofficial) whether or not you've cosplayed before? ____________

If there anything else you'd like to say (ideas for future club events, what you want to see in future club anime nights, suggestions, anything at all):






Signature: _______________________________________________________