What Does TAMA DO?

We watch anime, read manga, discuss anime, learn Japanese, and rock out to "Dynamite Mambo". Also, we COSPLAY. (Cosplay is the act of making & wearing anime/manga/video game costumes and running around acting like the character... it's fun. And not as strange as you might think.)

What is ANIME?

Anime is a short word for "animation" used to refer to Japanese Animation (sometimes called "Japanimation"). Popular examples include Digimon and Sailormoon, though there's a world more to it than that. It comes in every genre and a large variety of styles from really cartoony to almost realistic.

What is MANGA?

Manga is the Japanese word for comic. A good amount of anime is based on manga (although some is based on books, others are orignal all together).

Who is that guy on the main page?

Himura Kenshin from the great anime series Rorouni Kenshin (Wanderer Kenshin). Kenshin is an amazing swordsman, a powerful man, and very funny.

What Kind of Stuff Do You Watch?

Anything anime. We're willing to try anything. I, personally, have a huge list of favorites and love most types of anime. Each member's taste differs, which makes the club fun because we get to see a variety of things. We try to keep it even--not too much sappy shoujo, not too much mecha, etc.

Who is "I"?

I am Vic, webworker for TAMA. I design the graphics, write the pages, etc.

What's the Purpose of Having This Webpage?

1. Attract new members. We would love to have many more people and thus expand our anime/manga horizons. I know there a few local fans of this stuff, I just need to find them.
2. Justify our pathetic existance. Not really. I do plan to expand the site greatly in the next few weeks, adding articles about anime, cosplay, conventions, "you know you're addicted" lists, more wallpapers, more stuff.
3. Give Info to Existing Members. While not much in the way of dates and plans has been posted, it will be soon. It will be a place for TAMA members to find out when & where anime nights will be, not to mention information about other events.

Can I join TAMA?

Sure. If you live in Lake Tahoe, you're welcome to come. We're going to have public anime nights for people to come see if they'd like to join. If you watch cartoons at all, chances are you already watch anime a little. If you read comics, some of them may be manga. Since no meetings or anime nights are scheduled right now, e-mail me and I'll let you know future plans.