Clique's Purpose

I tend to despise anything with the word "clique" within 10 feet of it, as it just brings back nasty thoughts of high school. But, being the hypocrite all people are, I've decided to start my own clique.

This clique is not limited to cosplayers who are stupid, dumb, and unpopular like myself. In fact, if you cosplay at all, you'll be welcomed here with open arms. I do recommend having a sense of humor, though. The point of this clique is basically that a lot of people take cosplay a little too seriously. Take a minute and think about your hobby: you spend hundreds of hours and hundreds of dollars to dress up like cartoon and comic book characters. Yes, it's horribly fun, and worth it all in the end. But that doesn't mean it isn't absurd.

Clique Rules

1. You must be an active cosplayer. You don't need to update your site weekly or anything, and you don't need to have a new costume every month. You just need to cosplay once and a while.

2. You must have a cosplay page, even if it's just a tiny little section of your main homepage. You can have a while domain ( or a tiny little page with 2 pictures of you in costume. Doesn't make a difference how big or involved the page is, so long as it exists.

3. You must use the html code or button on your page. I won't put you in the clique until I see the code in place on your page. Once it's there, I'll add you the list. If you want, you can use the button instead, as explained on the HTML code page. Please place the code on the page prior to or immediately after signing up for the clique.